Cabot Gypsum vinyl covered lay-in ceiling panels are an attractive, durable, and economical tile designed for use in standard suspended ceiling grid systems. Cabot Gypsum vinyl covered panels are manufactured with a USDA approved white vinyl finish Laminated to either 1/2" regular gypsum board, or 1/2" Type C fire rated gypsum board.



Cabot Gypsum Vinyl Tile Panels are designed for use in restaurant and institutional kitchens, food processing plants, supermarkets, warehouses and other areas where durability and washability are priorities over acoustical performance.



Do not use where there is direct exposure to water. Do not use in areas of high humidity such as swimming pools, shower dressing rooms, etc. Provide ventilation in unheated or enclosed spaces above panels. Provide retainer or hold-down clips where sudden wind or sudden air pressure change may cause panel uplift. For outdoor applications, use only a suspended system approved for exterior use.



Cabot Vinyl Tile Panels are designed to be installed in standard 15/16" grid systems with either 2'x2' or 2'x4' configurations. Grid installation should be in accordance with the grid manufacturers' specifications.



Cabot Vinyl Tile Panels do not require painting. If desired, panels can be painted by using:

  1. 2 Coats of alkyd or latex semi-gloss enamel.
  2. Oil primer and one coat of oil paint or flat latex.
  3. 2 coats of flat oil paint.


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