Protec M + M Gypsum Panels are manufactured using mold and water resistant technology that has produced a superior mold and water resistant gypsum panel. Protec M + M Gypsum Panels are comprised of proprietary gypsum core enhanced with "Protec" mold/moisture treatment. In addition, the 100% recycled green colored face paper and a brown-back paper is also treated with the same "Protec" inhibitor. The face paper is formed along each edge, wrapped around and sealed to the brown paper on the back side. This produces a strong yet flexible panel in convenient width and length to meet most commercial/residential construction requirements for wall and ceiling substrates. 

Protec M + M Gypsum Board is manufactured in 1/2" Regular core for use in residential construction and a 5/8" Type X core for single or multiple layer application in fire tested assemblies. Protect M + M Gypsum Board resists growth of mold as per ASTM G21 with a score of 0 and ASTM D3273 with a score of 10, the highest rating in both tests.


Product Limitations

  1. Exposure to excessive or continuous moisture and extreme temperature 52o C (125o F) should be avoided during all phases and life cycle of the board. 
  2. Store indoors and off ground surface. 
  3. Boards should be stacked flat with care taken to prevent sagging or damage to edges, ends and surfaces. 
  4. Storing board lengthwise leaning against framing is not recommended. 
  5. This board is nonstructural and should not be used as a nailing base to support heavy wall-mounted objects. 
  6. Maximum insulation load: 1.3 psf with 24" o.c. framing and 2.2 psf with 16" o.c. framing. 
  7. Maximum framing spacing on walls and ceilings is 24" o.c. see chart below.
  8. No material may be classified as mold-proof. Prolonged exposure to moisture can result in the growth of mold on any surface. The use of good design, proper handling, and construction practices is the best way to avoid issues.


Product Application

Protec M + M Gypsum Board and Protec M + M Type X should be installed according to ASTM E840. For partitions requiring a fire rating fastener spacing, board orientation and other details must be according to the applicable published details within the UL/ULC directories.


Board Decoration

Protec M + M Gypsum Board is designed to accept most types of paints, texture and wall covering materials. The surface should be primed and sealed with a full bodied quality latex primer before applying a decorative material. This will equalize the suction variation between the joint compounds and the paper surface. If glossy paints are used in areas such as kitchens or bathrooms, a thin skim coat of compound over the entire surface is recommended to reduce highlighting or joint photographing. This method is also recommended in areas of severe side lighting of either natural or artificial light sources. Joint treatment must be thoroughly dry before proceeding with primer-sealer application and final decoration.


Product Specification and Data

Protec M + M Gypsum Board is manufactured to meet or exceed the requirements of: ASTM C1396 Section 7, and CAN/CSA A82.27, Gypsum Board. Installing acccording to CAN/CSA A82.31, Gypsum Board Application, and Installation Standards, ASTM C840, and specific UL/ULC requirements. 

Mold Resistance: ASTM D3273 scored 10, and per ASTM G21 scored 0.

Water Absorption: ASTM C473 scored <5%

Surface Burning Characteristics: Flame Spread Rating of 15, Smoke Developed 0 per ASTM E84 or CAN/ULC-S102.

5/8" (16 mm) Protec M + M Type X is UL and ULC classified. 

Fire resistance tests in accordance with ASTM E119 and CAN/ULC-S101.

Non-combustible core when tested in accordance to ASTM E136 or CAN/ULC S114.


Protec M + M

Thickness: 1/2" (12.7 mm)

Width: 4' (1220 mm)

Lengths: *8' (2440 mm) to 12' (3660 mm)

Edges: Tapered

Packaging: Two pieces per bundle, face-to-face and end taped.


Protec M + M (Type X)

Thickness: 5/8" (15.9 mm)

Width: 4' (1220 mm)

Lengths: *8' (2440 mm) to 12' (3660 mm)

Edges: Tapered

Packaging: Two pieces per bundle, face-to-face and end taped. 

*Special lengths may be available, consult nearest Cabot Gypsum sales office.


Download Full Specifications Here